Engineering x Fashion

The principles

Haute utilitarian sophisticated street style is one way to describe the fashion produced from TECHN0M0RPH, and as you engage with and contribute to this Realm, you too will find yourself transforming through the process.

TECHN0M0RPH will experiment with the latest cutting edge technologies across 3D software, motion capture, photogrammetry and machine learning, combining all to embed web3 programmability directly into each garment and collection release.

The programmable elements will not only give interactivity to the garments across various web3 enabled applications (i.e. DeFi, Virtual Worlds, Token Gated Quest Access), but moreso, ignite a metamorphosis, whereby as buyers, realm patrons and wearers dress themselves in these new styles they will be enticed to embark on a journey to confront the absurd in their own lives and ultimately find new ways to break out.

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