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Coupled with the designer realms we are introducing Web3 Designer Realm Patrons. Every realm is now equipped with a special multi-tiered NFT access mechanism.

These specialty realm NFTs can be bought by patrons to directly select which designers, labels and realms they want to champion— completely resolving the age old cold start problem

In fashion, that’s never been possible before. As an indie designer, launching your label or brand has come with tremendous sacrifices, in the pursuit of an almost impossible dream— to go up all on your own against massive titans of industry and hope to survive, let alone succeed.

NFTs, as we all know, have changed this game already. But, not nearly enough yet. And, it’s not just selling NFTs on someone else’s marketplace that elevates your work to a point where you can compete against giants in the open market, or even have enough breathing room and support to build out your brand with your own personal mark. Not without major lottery ticket luck.

Every realm comes with three patronage tiers for the mini, mid and max buyers. ETH from the patron NFT sales is split 50/50 between the Designer Realms & the DIGITALAX/GDN Treasuries for making the web3 fashion market and continued infrastructure build out

And, as we continue to spin up thousands of realms, buyers can now directly scale with the market and grow along with their championed designers, along every step of the curve

The patron NFTs give utility and unlockable access and content within the Designer’s realm, realm specific ERC-20 token allocation, alongside additional perks within the GDN and DIGITALAX ecosystems i.e. $MONA and $W3F staking.

Insights for every patron are also made readily available in terms of the designer’s on and off chain activity in web3 fashion and the metaverse. This includes metadata such as the particular designer’s $GDN amount (directly correlating to activity and contributions towards the DAO), web3 fashion 101 content, FGO mints, fashion NFT mints, meta source vault contributions, as well as other relevant reference points.

If you truly love a unique style, now you can get it shipped straight to your metaverse wallet or physical door. Or, you can skip the line for backstage realm access at the next W3FW and can’t miss metaverse fashion events.

I don’t know about you, but there are so many talented designers coming into web3 fashion, I personally can’t wait to show up dressed to the nines at my favourite indie web3 fashion realm runway events.

But, it doesn’t just stop here. Designer realms are a big deal on their own. But, when taken within the context of the entire protocol stack the implications are truly exponential. Literally, network effects at scale.

Alongside specific realm patronage, there will also be the ability to champion a cross section of all designers and other parts of critical web3 fashion and metaverse infrastructure i.e. W3MI, iW3Fi, digital-physical IRL fabrication locations, IMG gaming and modding guilds etc

This overarching patronage also comes with cross section designer realm ERC-20 token allocation, as well as governance utility & web3 renaissance patron council seats within core parts of the DIGITALAX protocol stack i.e. W3MI & iW3Fi rebalancing and curation etc.

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